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Employer/Recruiter: Indeed SA (8060)

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Employer/Recruiter: Indeed SA (8060)

Electrical, Mechanical, Mechatronics, Software
A Cape Town based UAV technology manufacturer is looking for young graduates/soon to be graduates who have studied Engineering/Software Engineering and want to advance their career and join our team as an intern on the following projects:


Fibre back bone to UAVs: We are in process of developing mechanical systems to ensure data link remains intact via real time directing of high gain antennas.

We require RF/Electrical engineers to conduct field range tests and come up with a base line for corrected incremental motions to ensure the link remains intact. This is will need to be documented and tested thoroughly.

We also require a Mechatronics/Mechanical Engineer could assist in developing this device’s mechanism and form part of the product design phase of this project.



We have long range fixed wings we use to test our data links on and conduct experiments. They require component upgrades and re-building of their sub-systems. We have two UAVs that need attention.

Electrical Engineers with a passion for control systems and building their own projects at home, will be a definite plus and who exhibit a preferred personality/ working style.


We need an Software Engineer who is excited to take on modifying one of our control system's software platform, to enable it to run certain start up scripts on the UAV, such that it is able to perform control sequences in take-off and flight.

We provide case study and references on all projects completed. Internships are based on whether education is completed or not.

These are junior positions and remuneration (R5,000 - R7,000) will be dependent on status of academic qualifications.

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Β« 2 X Mid-Level Software EngineerSenior Software Engineer Β»

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