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Communicate Delays via email always.
Communicate Variance orders via email.
If your team is working where ceiling T’s are installed communicate and send pictures to cover all damaged ceiling T’s prior to starting an installation and when you done with installation as well as a pre and post inspection with Project Manager.
Delegate your team and ensure productivity onsite in-order to meet project requirements.
Order materials and consumables prior as to when required with enough time to procure this.
Should you require a cherry picker communicate this to Scheduling person and obtain permission prior to using it, you are not permitted to use a cherry picker unless you have obtained permission.
Order labels prior to the required time you need it.
Should there be overtime required on a project you have been allocated on, we require you to be available to work this overtime.
When you are instructed to leave slack on cables, ensure you communicate this on email to us and include the name of the person that gave you this instruction Lethabo Cabling first need to authorize this before you can proceed to cut the cabling.
Feedback on progress is required once a week on Tuesdays on email.
Drawings need to be submitted on milestone basis as per project requirement.
Test Results need to be submitted on milestone basis per floor area etc. As per project requirement and ensure that the correct test settings is used on tester every time you test on your site (Test result and drawing administrator will assist you with the settings should you require this).
Sign over stock correctly to clients, remaining fly leads, extra stock etc.
You are responsible for the accuracy and quality of the overall project delivered.
Attend meetings with Project Managers and ensure you understand requirements and plan of action and communicate this to coordinators.
Responsible for the training of your team.
Arrive on time according to commitments for work and meetings.
You will be given x amount of Technicians for this project and you will have x amount of working days to complete initial scope.
Slack allowance to be kept minimum no 10% allowance, unless in writing to clients.
Anny technical information given to you verbally need to be communicated back to the issuer of the instruction.
Confidentiality, please keep internal information confidential.
Communicate over spec points in writing and get approval prior to the installation of these points.
Always have the full scope of work (Lethabo Quotation and Lethabo variance orders quotes with you at hand to ensure you are doing what is required and communicate differences.
Once you are established on a new project make arrangements to head straight to site and start at 7am.
Company Vehicles, should you drive a company vehicle ensure that you have signed in the register for the vehicle (Black file in cabial ) failure to do so will result in you automatically accepting damages, should the black file not be in vehicle escalate to avoid being held liable for damages.
Time sheets need to be updated at least on a every second day basis.
Job sheet’s need to be submitted when job is done, and no later than two working days after job is done unless there is a valid reason.
A full recon is required immediately after a project is done.
Leads installed on floor qty’s and meters
Patching qty’s
First fix installed
2nd fix installed
Home runs
Anny adds or changes
Performance managing your team members and rating KPA’s of team members.
You are to focus on creating succession within your team.

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