50 internship positions at the Department of Transport 2016/17

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Employer/Recruiter: Jobmail (658)

The Department of Transport is committed to youth skills development by providing graduates with opportunities to gain workplace experience to complement their studies. Applications are invited for the fifty three (50) internships positions to promising graduates between the ages of 18 and 35. The internship programme will run for a period of twelve (12) months. The 38 positions are based in Pretoria and 12 internship positions will be placed in participating Municipalities across various provinces .

The Department will pay a monthly stipend according to qualifications ranging between R4900.00 to R6000.00

The Department of Transport is an equal opportunity, affirmative action employer with clear employment equity targets. It is our intention to promote representivity (race, gender and disability) in the Department through the filling of these posts. Candidates with disabilities and those residing in deep rural areas and farms are encouraged to apply.

Requirements: Applications must have a Diploma/Degree in any one of the fields specified below:

β€’ Ministry – Qualifications: Journalism/ Political Studies (Science)/ Transport Studies/ International Relation/ Communications/ Administration (REF.NO: DOT/HRD/16/01)
β€’ Office of the DG: Administration – Qualifications: Political Science/Public Management & Governance/ Business Administration (REF.NO: DOT/HRD/16/02)
β€’ Organisational Development and Change Management – Qualifications: Management Services/Work Study (REF.NO: DOT/HRD/16/03)
β€’ Employee Health & Wellness and OHS – Qualifications: Humanities/Social Science/ Behavioural Science with SAMTRAC as an added advantage (REF.NO: DOT/HRD/16/04)
β€’ Human Resource Development & Performance Management & Development System – Qualifications: Human Resources Management /Human Resources Development/ Performance Management (REF.NO: DOT/HRD/16/05)
β€’ HRM (Labour Relations) – Qualifications: Bachelors’ Degree or BTech in Labour Relations or LLB (REF.NO: DOT/HRD/16/06)


β€’ Office Management/Travel and Facilities Management – Qualifications: National Diploma or Degree in Public Administration/Management/Finance Information Management/Accounting (REF.NO: DOT/HRD/16/07)
β€’ Legal Services – Qualifications: LLB / B. Proc or B.luris / Corporate Governance (REF.NO: DOT/HRD/16/08)
β€’ Communications and Stakeholder Management – Qualifications: National Diploma in Public Relations / Media and Communications (REF.NO: DOT/HRD/16/09)
β€’ Communications: Research and Content development – Qualifications: Diploma or Bachelors’s degree in Graphic Design/ Illustration (for screen Arts/ Graphic design for digital media (REF.NO: DOT/HRD/16/10)
β€’ International Relations – Qualifications: Political studies/Science/International Relations/Law (REF.NO: DOT/HRD/16/11)
β€’ Supply Chain Management – Qualifications: Procurement / Logistical Management/ Supply Chain Management (REF.NO: DOT/HRD/16/12)
β€’ Financial Administration – Qualifications: National Diploma or Bachelors’ Degree in Accounting or Financial Management (REF.NO: DOT/HRD/16/13)
β€’ Public Entity Finance and Conditional Grants – Qualifications: National Diploma in Office Administration and Technology/ Public Management or any administrative related Degree. (REF.NO: DOT/HRD/16/14)
β€’ Rural and non-motorised Transport – NMT Integration – Qualifications: Bachelors’ Degree in Developmental Studies/ Transport Planning (REF.NO: DOT/HRD/16/15)
β€’ Road Safety Promotions – Qualifications: Transport Management/Transport Planning Studies.(REF.NO: DOT/HRD/16/16)
β€’ Maritime Security – Qualifications: Security Management/ Risk Management (REF.NO: DOT/HRD/16/17)
β€’ Maritime Public Entity Oversight – Qualifications: National Diploma/Degree in Transport Economics (REF.NO: DOT/HRD/16/18)
β€’ Maritime Environment – Qualifications: Environmental Management / Environmental Science (REF.NO: DOT/HRD/16/19)
β€’ Multilateral Affairs – Qualifications: International Relations (REF.NO: DOT/HRD/16/20)
β€’ Aviation Safety, Security and Environment – Qualifications: Transport Management/ Transport Economics/ Any Transport related (REF.NO: DOT/HRD/16/21)
β€’ Air Transport Licensing and Permits – Qualifications: Transport Management/ International Relations with Project Management (REF.NO: DOT/HRD/16/22)
β€’ National Public Transport Regulator – Qualifications: National Diploma or Bachelors’ Degree in Public Administration/ Business Administration with Project Management/ IT/Systems Analysis (REF.NO: DOT/HRD/16/23)
β€’ Contract and Subsidy Management – Qualifications: National Diploma/Bachelors Degree in Transport Economics /Management or Economics or any other Transport related qualification (REF.NO: DOT/HRD/16/24)
β€’ Rail Policy & Strategy Development – Qualifications: Transport Economics/ Logistics/ Rail Engineering (REF.NO: DOT/HRD/16/25)
β€’ Rail Economic Regulations – Qualifications: Transport Economics (REF.NO: DOT/HRD/16/26)
β€’ Rail Safety Regulations – Qualifications: Transport Economics/Management (REF.NO: DOT/HRD/16/27)

β€’ Modelling & Macro Economics Analysis – Qualifications: Transport Economics/ Econometrics/ Economics (REF.NO: DOT/HRD/16/28)
β€’ Regional Corridor – Qualifications: Transport Economics/ International Relations/ Political Sciences/ Developmental studies (REF.NO: DOT/HRD/16/29)
β€’ Research – Qualifications: Honours Degree in Transport related studies e.g. Transport Economics/ Town and Regional Planning or BCom. Transport Planning (REF.NO: DOT/HRD/16/30)
β€’ Business Systems – Qualifications: Information Technology (Software Development/Web Development) (REF.NO: DOT/HRD/16/31)
β€’ ICT Infrastructure – Qualifications: Information Technology (REF.NO: DOT/HRD/16/32)

Internships within Municipalities

β€’ Eastern Cape Province – Qualifications: Transport Management /Economics /Planning/Engineering, Civil Engineering, Town and Regional Planning (REF.NO: DOT/HRD/16/33)
β€’ Free State Province – Qualifications: Transport Management /Economics /Planning/Engineering, Civil Engineering, Town and Regional Planning (REF.NO: DOT/HRD/16/34)
β€’ Gauteng Province – Qualifications: Transport Management /Economics /Planning/Engineering, Civil Engineering, Town and Regional Planning (REF.NO: DOT/HRD/16/35)
β€’ KwaZulu- Natal Province – Qualifications: Transport Management /Economics /Planning/Engineering, Civil Engineering, Town and Regional Planning (REF.NO: DOT/HRD/16/36)
β€’ Limpopo Province– Qualifications: Transport Management /Economics /Planning/Engineering, Civil Engineering, Town and Regional Planning (REF.NO: DOT/HRD/16/37)
β€’ Mpumalanga Province – Qualifications: Transport Management /Economics /Planning/Engineering, Civil Engineering, Town and Regional Planning (REF.NO: DOT/HRD/16/38)
β€’ Northern Cape Province – Qualifications: Transport Management /Economics /Planning/Engineering, Civil Engineering, Town and Regional Planning (REF.NO: DOT/HRD/16/39)
β€’ North West Province – Qualifications: Transport Management /Economics /Planning/Engineering, Civil Engineering, Town and Regional Planning (REF.NO: DOT/HRD/16/40)
β€’ Western Cape – Qualifications: Transport Management /Economics /Planning/Engineering, Civil Engineering, Town and Regional Planning (REF.NO: DOT/HRD/16/41)

ENQUIRIES: For Pretoria: Mr. D Ledwaba, Tel: (012) 309 3788 OR Ms K Letsoalo, Tel: (012) 309 3456

For Municipalities: Mr Freddy Lithole, Tel: (012) 309 3994 or Ms Jennifer Dikgale, Tel: (012) 309 3

How to apply
Closing date is 07 November 2016.Applications must be accompanied by form Z83, obtainable from any Public Service Department, (download here) > http://www.labour.gov.za/DOL/downloads/documents/vacancies/Z83.pdf and a recent updated comprehensive CV (previous experience must be comprehensively detailed, i.e. positions held and dates), as well as certified copies of all qualifications and ID document. Failure to submit the requested documents/information will result in your application not being considered. It is the applicant’s responsibility to have foreign qualifications evaluated by the South African Qualification Authority (SAQA). The Department reserves the right not to fill the posts. The successful candidates must be willing to sign an oath of secrecy with the Department. Applicants will be expected to be available for selection interviews and assessments at a time, date and place as determined by the Department. All appointments are subject to the verification of educational qualifications, previous experience, citizenship, reference checks and security vetting.

APPLICATIONS: Department of Transport, Private Bag X193, Pretoria, 0001 of hand deliver at the 159 Forum Building, Cnr Struben and Bosman Street, Pretoria for attention Recruitment Unit, Room 4034. Applicants applying for more than one post must submit a separate form Z83 (as well as documentations mentioned below) in respect of each post being applied. Please noe that e-mailed, faxed and late applications will not be considered.
Please note: Correspondence will only be entered into with short-listed candidates.

Download Application here>>> http://www.labour.gov.za/DOL/downloads/documents/vacancies/Z83.pdf

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