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Think you’ve got what it takes to fan the flames of desire? Are you man (or woman) enough to dance in the fire? To apply for a position at Nandos We’re always looking for people with fire in their bellies and passion in their souls. If you’re that kind of person, then we’d love you to join our Nando’s family!

Whether it’s on the restaurant floor, perfecting the art of grilling or running the whole Nando’s restaurant, the opportunities are every bit as tasty as our famous PERi-PERi.

If you’re keen to work in one of our restaurants

Workers usually must withstand the pressure and strain of working in close quarters, standing for hours at a time, lifting heavy pots and kettles, and working near hot ovens and grills. Job hazards include slips and falls, cuts, and burns.

host/hostess- Takes Reservations, organizes seating, greets customers, seats customers, distributes menus. They sometimes operate the cash register. They occasionally take orders and act as a liaison between the kitchen and dining room.

Manager - A Manager should be able to open and close your restaurant, purchase food and beverage inventory, open the register, track inventory, train and manage the staff, work with suppliers and manage your advertising.

Chef or head cook - This person is responsible for all that goes on in the kitchen. He/she should be responsible for hiring and training other cooks, prep persons and dishwashers. They are responsible for the menu, buying supplies and equipment. At some restaurants the chef is the star attraction.

The kitchen staff may include several chefs and cooks, (sometimes called assistant or apprentice chefs and cooks), a bread and pastry baker, vegetable, fry or a sauce chef. Each chef or cook usually has a special assignment and often a special job title. Executive chefs coordinate the work of the kitchen staff and often direct the preparation of certain foods. They decide the size of servings, plan menus, and buy food supplies.

Kitchen workers weigh and measure ingredients, go after pots and pans, and stir and strain soups and sauces. They also clean, peel, and slice vegetables and fruits and make salads. They may cut and grind meats, poultry, and seafood in preparation for cooking.

Cashier - The Restaurant Cashier is in charge of the register. This would include cash and credit card transactions, tipping out wait staff, and balancing the register at the end of the shift. The cashier may assists the Wait Staff with various tasks. Must be competent with computerized register system and have good cash handling skills. Must have experience in retail sales, and be professional, polite, and reliable.

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