Junior Researcher: Scientific Programming

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Job TypeFull Time

Providing programming assistance for new and ongoing research projects of priority to SACEMA, using best practices in software development and scientific computing;
Providing regular updates to the Director on ongoing work and training needs;
Publishing research findings in peer-reviewed journals;
Contributing to grant proposals to support the above-mentioned research programme and activities;
Contributing to SACEMA's training workshops and short courses, on an as-needed basis;
Peer-mentoring of other junior researchers (including students);
Contributing positively to the SACEMA community through service and regular engagement with students, other researchers, and support staff;
Promoting the reputation of SACEMA and Stellenbosch University through positive engagement of stakeholders and publication of high-quality, relevant research.

A Master's degree in Epidemiology, Mathematical Epidemiology, or another relevant quantitative discipline, or at least three (3) years of experience working as a professional programmer;
A good academic record, as evidenced by transcripts and academic references;
Experience with best-practices in scientific computing, including use of version control systems;
Proficiency in at least two (2) of the following three (3) programming languages, commonly used within the field of epidemiological modelling and analysis: R, C (or C++ or C#), and/or Python;
Good written and verbal communication skills in English;
A demonstrated ability to quickly acquire new skills and work in a collaborative environment.

Fluency in word processing and data management skills;
At least one co-authored publication in a recognised, peer-reviewed journal;
A record of successful collaboration;
A demonstrated ability to quickly produce readable, reliable, and maintainable code;
Experience with ‘test-driven development’ and other best practices in software development;
Experience with the ‘Shiny’ web application framework.

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