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Standard Bank is the largest bank in Africa and our highly visible brand, award-winning service, and strong global presence helps us maintain our market-leading position. We place huge value on the talent of our people to drive our continued success, and to support our plans for growth. We now need a talented and resourceful individual to help us fulfil our business objectives and build customer loyalty.

Job Purpose

To provide an end-to-end Full Maintenance Rental products and services function (i.e. from quote, document preparation to end of contract) to selected key accounts within allocated portfolio.

Key Responsibilities/Accountabilities

Portfolio management
Provides guidance and support to key customers on the effective use of Full Maintenance Rental products and services.
Provides accurate and competitive Full Maintenance Rental and Operating Rental (OR) vehicle quotes, as per customer requirements, within acceptable time frames.
Completes documents accurately and timeously, to ensure that new deals are loaded to the system.
Ensures that End of Contract (EoC) deals are either returned, extended, settled or refinanced by termination date to avoid penalties for collecting vehicles late.
Maintains stock and EoC schedules in order to mitigate the risk to the bank by ensuring that all deals are finalised before the contract end date is reached.
Issues and collects debit notes raised against FMR /Operating Rental debtor accounts.
Provides input into the setting of Residual Values to optimise profits whilst mitigating risk to the Bank.
All contractual obligations adhered to (e.g., SLAs)
Customer feedback
Quoting and Deal Loading
Analyses client’s vehicle requirement from the quote request form in order to determine whether the request is in line with the business and contractual rules.
Ensures that all requests are in alignment with their existing credit facilities, refers to Credit and/or RMs where relevant, with the necessary recommendations.
Interrogates and validates the residual values, interest rates, maintenance rates, etc. in order to ensure alignment to contract stipulations and to mitigate risk.
Receives a dealer quotation from the OEM or Dealer Group.
Requests customer risk grades, group exposure and annual turnover from relevant stakeholders.
Compiles FML or OR quotations and sends the quotation to the customer within required time frame.
Follows up on quotations sent to customer and effects any changes if required to do so.
Keeps the BDOs and customers informed of the status of customer requests.
Places orders with the OEM and vehicle dealers once quote has been accepted as per the documented policies and procedures.
Corresponds with internal and/or external client with regards to availability and delivery.
Receives the invoice and prepares the documentation accurately, according to the approval conditions as well as policies and procedures.
Forwards documentation to either the customer or the OEM.
Ensures the confirmation of Insurance is received.
Ensures payment to the supplier are made within 24 hours after receipt of signed original documents.
Captures electronic data and completes loading documents accurately.
Ensures deals are loaded timeously and accurately to System 4.
Clears un-posted items and dealer settlements daily.
Makes copies of deal files for record storage and prepares the enclosure lists.
Emails fleet statements to customers.
Questions quotations for those vehicles that operate outside the pricing and quoting parameters and escalates where required.
All quote requests actioned within SLA
Accurate and timeous capture and submission of requests (payments, quotes)
Deal files completed and stored
Account administration functions
Resolves customer queries within agreed SLA’s.
Formats special variance reports to relevant customers.
Follows up on acceptance of restructure quotes and proposals.
Loads the accepted restructures on to System 4.
Ensures all restructured deals are loaded correctly.
Forwards all settlements (e.g., insurance) as per customer request within agreed time frame.
Captures debit/credit notes within 7 days of the return of vehicle or as per customer SLA.
Ensures that debit notes do not exceed 30 days on the Technical arrears report.
Adheres to administration standards within agreed SLA’s.
Submits monthly reports by the 1st day of the month.
Customer queries are resolved within agreed SLA’s.
Accurate and timeous activation of restructures and actioning of requests
End of Contract notification to customer
Notifies clients in advance of vehicles coming to End of Contract in order to determine extension or termination requirements.
Follows-up on a monthly basis as to date and time of collection of assets.
Issues client with settlement or extension quotation if requested to do so.
Arranges for vehicle collection at end of contract within stipulated timelines as per the customer SLA.
Ensures End of Contract Schedule is updated on a daily basis. Utilises Auto Trader digests in conjunction with the original invoice in the vehicle file to obtain vehicle codes, as well as Trade and Retail values and new list price.
EoC notification letters distributed 2 months in advance.
Collection of vehicles within required SLA timeframe.
EoC stock schedule updated daily
Stock schedule
Transfers vehicles to stock GL and ensures Natis document and all other related documents are available for the sale of the vehicle.
Updates Stock Schedule daily with vehicles collected and sold.
Processes stock card and debit note.
Debit/credit notes captured within 7 days of the return of vehicle or as per customer SLA
Debit notes not to exceed 30 days on the Technical arrears report.
Condition reports
Ensures vehicle condition reports are received from collection agents within 48 hours of vehicle collection.
Evaluates the condition reports from the collection agents to determine make good costs charge and;
Calculates excess kilometres based on over and unders as per customer SLA and prepares necessary debit notes.
Condition reports received within 48 hours
Debit notes
Issues debit notes to customers in respect of excess kilometre usage and make good costs.
Discusses debit note with the client to ensure prompt settlement.
Ensures the debit note is captured to the system.
Ensures the collection of the outstanding money is done timeously.
Debit notes issued within 7 days of collection or as per the customer SLA.
Ensures debit note does not exceed 30 days
Risk management
Ensures that procedures laid down in the customers SLA’s and business policies and procedures are adhered to.
Ensures that vehicles that are returned at the end of contract attain the required selling price in order to minimise any losses to the bank.
Ensures compliance with all relevant pieces of legislation (e.g. FAIS, FICA, CPA, NCA and Company’s Act).
Adheres to SLA requirements
Attains minimum of 85% of trade on sale of vehicle
Bank compliance completed by due date
Customer support and query resolution
Assists customers in the interpretation of management information supplied and provides advice in terms of vehicle usage and replacement.
Provides the necessary information to the external customer service area in order to foster and maintain good relationships.
Resolves customer queries in order to ensure that an effective and efficient resolution is offered to customers.
Customer feedback

Preferred Qualification and Experience

Diploma - Transport and Operations
Diploma - Finance and Accounting
Certificate in Fleet Management or Diploma in Fleet Management

3 - 4 years
Operating Rental / Full Maintenance Leasing experience, particularly pertaining to passenger and light commercial vehicles / risk management, banking processes with regards to fleet products and the operation thereof. Short term car hire experience.

Knowledge/Technical Skills/Expertise
3 - 4 years
Operating Rental / Full Maintenance Leasing experience, particularly pertaining to passenger and light commercial vehicles / risk management, banking processes with regards to fleet products and the operation thereof. Short term car hire experience.

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