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The Department
of Defence is proud to offer this
service system to South African youth
with the main purpose of promoting
and enhancing the concept of nation
We are also serving national interests
by encouraging our youth to develop a
common South African identity
through exposure to military norms
and customs. The emphasis will
mainly be on discipline development,
empowerment and global
After completion of Basic Military
Training, members may be earmarked
for training in one of the following
occupational fields: Intelligence,
Logistics, Musician, Operational
Emergency Care Practitioner, Human
Resources, Protection, Physical
Training Instructor, Military
Instructor, Patient Administration to
name but a few.
Special Forces Special Forces, as a
strategic force, carries out special
operations, independently or in co-
operation with other State
Departments or Services, to achieve
national objectives, internally or
externally, during peace or war
comprising landward, airborne and
waterborne capabilities. Special Forces
is an affordable, dynamic and
effective force, which boasts specially
trained personnel, and is equipped
with specialist equipment.
International recognition of the
Special Forces capabilities, makes the
Special Forces a credible force. The
MSDS programme is a two-year
voluntary service system with the
long-term goal of enhancing the SA
National Defence Force’s deployment
capability. Recruits are required to
sign up for a period of two years,
during which they will receive Basic
and Functional Military Training in
their first year of service.
Recruits wishing to join the Special
Forces can complete any of the
Services’ MSDS programmes during
the first year. During the second year
of service potential candidates will
attend the Special Forces Basic
Training Cycle. After successful
completion of the Special Forces Basic
Training Cycle the MSD candidate will
be provided with the option of joining
the short term contract system of the
SANDF in order to serve in Special
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