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Job TypeFull Time
SalaryR35,000 pm basic salary plus benefits

About the Position


Key Responsibilities & Duties

Financial Controls
Safe guarding Assets & Risk management
Expense Management skills
Ensure all Policies & Procedures are adhered to
Handling Petty Cash
Administration at dealerships
Weekly timesheets and calendar
Preparation of month end audit file
Reporting and budgets/forecasts
Requirements of Key Responsibilities & Duties

Financial Controls
Maintain a sound financial base of the Company
Check Income Statement on a daily basis for misallocations
Investigate all unusual entries
Ensure that GP% are correct
To alert the Dealer Principal to any problematic situations
To assist and advise all department managers on costs and budgetary performance
To provide daily / weekly / monthly financial assistance to Dealer Principal and senior managers
To monitor financial performance of all departments
To analyse specific department reports and investigate any discrepancies.
Safe guarding Assets & Risk Management
One physical vehicle stock count to be performed monthly. Reconciled with comments and you have to touch ALL vehicles (This includes the vehicles on the WIP report on the same day you do the stock count)
Key and Natis recon to be performed weekly by Stock controller and checked by Accountant once a month
Ensure that all stock in transit is brought in at zero value by stock controllers before month end
Accessory display cabinets - stock counts to be done monthly
Perpetual stock counts to be done once a month
Ensure that cash procedures are in place at dealerships
Cash counts on floats to be performed once a month (not at the same times)
Petty Cash to be checked once a month - make sure all vouchers are signed by DP and department Manager & proper supporting documents attached
Ensure that banking is done daily
Ensure that fixed asset register is up to date, fixed assets are labeled and physically verify assets at least twice a year (Make sure your asset file is up to date and in order)
Ensure that Capex forms are authorized before ordering assets
Ensure that special tool register is updated and in use at all service departments
Expense Management
Always get three quotes from suppliers to ensure we are paying the lowest price
All expenses to be incurred on approved order
Instill policies and procedures to keep abuse to a minimum
Use your initiative and come up with a way to reduce costs
Report excessive expenses to DP & Regional Financial Manager
Choose one expense per month to investigate and analyze
Ensure Policies & Procedures are adhered to
Ensure that there are proper segregation of duties
Access policies and procedures on a regular basis to ensure objective is still being achieved
Ensure that new policies & procedures are implemented with immediate effect
Report all policies & procedures not adhered to
Administration at dealerships
Credit Notes
Credit Notes are issued by the Department Manager but you still need to check 8 Credit notes a month for each department.
All credit notes must be authorized by the DP and department manager
Check all documentation correct for credit request
Ensure credit notes filed sequentially
Check that reasons are valid and explained in detail
Print monthly credit note listing when checking filing of credit notes
Cash Sales - Parts & Workshop
Cash sales to be reviewed on daily basis - follow up all queries older than 3 days
Follow up that monies received are receipted immediately and banked daily
Ensure no vehicles / parts are released without payment
All payments/receipts to be allocated daily
Submit a cash sale report with comments to RFM every second week (this must be signed off by the DP & Department Manager)
Parts & Workshop department
Submit a WIP report with comments to RFM every second week (this must be signed off by the DP & Department Manager)
Check costings for workshop
Monitor Parts Buyout report on a monthly basis
Check the Parts Stock Adjustment & SM Audit Variance NL Accounts Daily
Stock adjustments must be signed by the DP, Department Manager and Accountant.
All supporting documents must be attached to each Stock Adjustment and verified.
Follow up on all orders on "Purchase awaiting invoices" report older than 1 month
Spend time with department Managers and sort out any queries / problems
After sales
All after sales should be analyzed to ensure that vehicles are not being delivered without it being properly reconditioned
Ensure AOD's are signed for money to be recovered should the expense be due to salesmen negligence
All costs over R5k to be authorized by the GM
Debtors age analysis
Send Debtors report to Managers every morning (after COH Allocations and Bank statement are processed)
Check that there is no rolling of debtors
Assist in collecting vehicle debtors (follow up with F&I's)
Assist in collecting inter branch vehicle debtors (follow up POD's with stock controllers)
Follow up all legal debtors and please ensure that corresponding documentation is in audit file
Monitor vehicle invoicing & deliveries
Ensure that procedures are in place that prevent vehicles from being delivered that are not yet invoiced
Vehicles invoiced should be delivered within 4 working days
Ensure that vehicles invoiced "Inter-branch" is reversed if not delivered after 4 days and only re-invoiced on date of delivery
On the last day of the month all vehicles debtors need to checked and cash deals invoiced not yet delivered must be reversed
All deal Files to be checked and signed by Accountant by 15th of the next month. (Try to do this before final payroll information is due )
Control demo's - Cleanliness / Fines / Accidents / Loan vehicles
Ensure that demos are inspected for any damages on a monthly basis
Accidents needs to be reported within 24 hours and documentation needs to be completed in 5 days
Follow up on traffic fines received - check that it is the dealership's fines and who the driver was
Where fines can be traced AOD's need to be signed
Check loan forms for vehicles are complete and faxed to at AMH (this has to be done weekly)
Process Depreciation on vehicles on the 1st day of the month
Monitor Trade Sales
All trade Sales to be authorized by DP and GM before invoiced and delivered.
Recon to be done between inteli-app and Drive at month-end
Back-End policies to be paid over to Supplier and follow-up on any policies sold not yet paid over.
Vehicle purchase account
Vehicle purchase account should be checked daily
Queries to be resolved daily
Payments (EFTs) should be loaded and paid within 48 hours.
Attendance register
Ensure that department managers submits an attendance register for their department by the 2nd working day of the new month
Vehicle accessory accruals
"Unreceived Cost" report to be checked once a week (stock controller to give you a signed report with comments weekly)
Variable Margin and Specials from HASA
Recon for VM to be done once a month (this must be signed off by the RFM & DP)
You will be required to do reporting as allocated for the Importer, Head Office and Regional office
Due to the responsibility of your job there is always going to be issues that needs to be addressed outside of your job description that you will be held responsible for
Always attempt to sort out queries yourself, should you not be successful ask for assistance from Regional Office
Report all risks to GM, DP and Regional Financial Manager timeously
Ensure that the company's best interest is always your first priority
To maintain flow of financial information to senior managers, so that progress on objectives may be measured
Ensure timely submission of payroll packs, commission calculations, payroll reconciliations and pay slips
Ensure completeness, accuracy and timely submission of monthly audit file. Follow up and clear reconciling items timely
Be a reliable second in charge to the DP
Desired Skills

Financial Controls
Risk management
Expense management
Petty cash management
Administration at Dealerships
Weekly timesheet management
Month end preparation
About The Employer

Large organisation in the motor trade requires your skill and experience to travel between branches in the WC area.

Employer & Job Benefits

Vehicle perks
medical aid
other fringe benefits

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